Energetic readings and flower essences

For women who want to look deeper and connect
more fully to their mind, body and soul

What are Energetic readings and flower essences?

Energetic readings can help you heal on a deeper, more generational level by connecting you to your higher wisdom and uncovering information that may be beneficial for both your physical and soul growth.

Flower essences work on an energetic level to shift and address emotional blocks that may be playing a part in your current life situation.

Your body offers intelligence and wisdom if you’re present enough to listen. When you truly connect with your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and patterns, and witness your body’s stunningly elegant feedback response, you open the way for true healing to occur.

energetic readings for woman

Energetic readings are for women who are:

  • curious about spiritual soul guidance and connection for deeper insight into their health
  • looking for another level of energetic focus for healing as we work through the physical issues
  • wanting to explore the emotional blocks that may be affecting their health

How it works

I use a mix of intuition, astrology, tarot, oracles, runes and Australian Bush Flower, Bach Flower and medicinal plant energy for your reading. I find a serene space and connect with your energy using the information you supplied on booking.

Your reading is recorded and a link will be emailed to you. You may then download your reading from Dropbox within one week of receiving it.

You will also receive a personally-crafted energetic essence relating to the themes from your session which allows for deeper integration and healing (postage is additional).

What happens next

Your recorded session may include 

  • Key themes 
  • Specific areas of focus 
  • Practical lifestyle suggestions 
  • Rituals or meditation directives and recommended energetic essences that can assist your situation 

The essences, taken orally, are specifically designed for you at this stage in your process. They are subtle or vibrational remedies, so are safe to take with most medications and/or pre-existing conditions. If you have any concerns (pregnancy, breastfeeding etc) please let me know on booking. 

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