PCOS Naturopath

Treat PCOS naturally – your path to clear skin and a strong, healthy body and cycle

What is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)?

Even the name sounds a bit daunting right? But when you address the root-cause, you can reverse your PCOS naturally.

The good news is, we can treat the hormonal imbalances that cause PCOS so you can feel (and look) like you again.

You can treat PCOS without the Pill or Metformin

Let’s get to the root cause of your PCOS and fix it naturally.

Tell me if you relate

  • You’re putting on weight (especially around the middle) even though you’re dieting and exercising 
  • Acne is ruining your life; you’re developing more facial hair or you’re suddenly losing hair and your periods are irregular 
  • You want to come off the Pill and worry the acne you had when you were prescribed the Pill will return if you stop 
  • You’ve been diagnosed with PCOS, but the treatments aren’t working  
  • You were diagnosed with PCOS in your teens/20s but you’re not sure if it’s really PCOS 
  • You’ve been diagnosed with PCOS and you’re trying to have a baby 

How naturopathy can help with PCOS?

We’ll dive into your history, your symptoms, and your pathology to nut out what your hormones are saying, then create a bespoke treatment plan for you.  Positive outcomes may include:

  • Getting off the Pill and re-connecting with your body’s natural rhythms and cycle  
  • Reversing your insulin resistance and improving your metabolic health through diet, lifestyle, and exercise guidance (and I don’t mean “exercise more and eat less”) 
  • Rediscovering skin that glows and lustrous hair – maybe for the first time in years 
  • The joy of making your own hormones naturally. Your brain, bones, heart, mood, and sex drive will love you for it! 
  • Improving your chances of natural fertility should you wish  

Traditional treatments for PCOS include the Pill and Metformin which have their own issues. When we explore natural treatments for PCOS you can decide the best way to move forward with your health.   

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