Do you allow yourself to grieve?

Do you allow yourself to grieve? It’s a funny question. Well not really, it’s kind of awkward actually…

Because typically, we don’t sit very comfortably with the pain and discomfort of our not-so bubbly emotional sphere.

We all know we should practice gratitude and we are more fortunate than the majority of the people on this planet and we shouldn’t complain and and and. But because of this, we often don’t allow ourselves to fully feel into the depths of what is a normal and natural and part of our human experience – grief.

On top of that, we’re also geared for pain-avoidance. No one, given half a chance, would CHOOSE to feel the full weight of his/her emotional pain (as if!) And sometimes we can’t give ourselves permission to fully experience painful emotions for fear of losing control. For some, the mere act of crying, (and I mean really breaking-down, uncontrollable sobbing), is too confronting.

TIP: Dog Rose of the Wild Forces is a beautiful Australian Bush Flower Essence to help with fear of losing control, whilst Red Suva Frangipani and Sturt Desert Pea are perfect for deep held grief and sadness, especially around the loss of relationship.

As a society we’re taught to hold it in, keep a stiff upper lip and don’t show weakness. We don’t like to show that we’re not coping. It’s somehow a sign of our deepest fears; that we aren’t as capable and perfect and together as we’d like others to believe.

But the fact is we’re not robots. We are born with this rich expression of feeling and desire and emotion to fully explore, and to pretend that that aspect of ourselves (and it is in all of us) should be hidden is denying the full expression of our very nature as human beings.

While it’s not a comfortable topic, allowing yourself to fully feel and release your emotions is the first step in healing any physical expression of illness. Allowing yourself to let go of emotional pain in a safe environment, whether by crying (out loud, the really messy, ugly type) or taking to your favourite pillow or screaming at the top of your lungs in the car (one of my personal favourites) is a healthy way to let out tension, pain and sadness and allow our hearts, minds and physical bodies to finally mend. And quite frankly, it feels good to let it rip once in a while.

*If you are experiencing depression or need additional support, please contact Lifeline, The Black Dog Institute or seek counseling assistance.

Kate is a qualified naturopath who is passionate about helping women heal from hormonal havoc and inspiring women to know their own power, worth and wisdom.

Kate offers one-on-one Skype consults for irregular cycles, PMS and period pain, endometriosis, PCOS, peri-menopause, mood swings, fatigue and mental and emotional stress.

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