Taurine – The “LBD” of Women’s Health

Taurine has appeared in my periphery everywhere this month and after stopping to take a deeper look, it really has become my new favourite “Little Black Dress” when it comes to targeted health for women.

That is to say, while it’s nice to frock up in a new outfit every now and again, you have to love that perfect little number you go back to time and time again that covers all bases.

The Perfect LBD…

It’s adaptable

  • Taurine can be made from two other amino acids, cysteine and methionine. But to get the doses you really need, you need to supplement (around 3-4g p/d).

It’s versatile

  • It is found almost everywhere in your body, including your liver, kidneys, brain, bones and heart.

It is essential and covers all bases

  • Whilst a “non-essential” amino acid (meaning it can be made from other amino acids in the body), it is “essential” in its functions within the body over multiple systems. It is important for liver and bile detoxification, stabilization of cell membranes, regulating fluid within the body, effective absorption of magnesium and calcium and may improve stress and anxiety levels via production of GABA, our brain’s calming neurotransmitter.
  • It has useful applications in heart disease, high cholesterol, eye health, liver disease, fatty liver or overuse of alcohol, brain protection as we age and Alzheimer’s disease.

It covers day to evening (or younger to older)

  • So as we age from our 20s to 40s and beyond, our ability to process taurine diminishes. And if we suffer from conditions like diabetes, liver or kidney issues, heart disease or cancer, our taurine levels drop even further.

It’s sexy

  • Just like the humble Vitamin D, it’s impacted by our sex hormones, particularly estradiol.
  • Estradiol reduces the creation of taurine in the liver and plasma levels are around 10% lower in women than men, so as sexy, oestrogen-lovin’ women, we need to ensure we’re also loved up on taurine.

You need to supplement with taurine if …

You’re vegan or vegetarian

You take the Pill, hormonal contraception, HRT or are “oestrogen dominant”

  • Because oestrogen reduces production of taurine, if you’re a high-oestrogen woman with endometriosis or adenomyosis, PCOS, heavy periods, histamine intolerance or hormonal migraines etc. or are on birth control or HRT (synthetic oestrogen), then you will more than likely need a boost.

You are anaemic and/or have heavy periods

You’re peri-menopausal or through menopause

You suffer from anxiety

You’re trying to fall pregnant

You’re breastfeeding

  • Whilst it is found in high quantities in breast milk, if deficient prenatally, levels may be impacted.
  • It is important in baby’s brain development, especially in premi-babies.

You experience thrush (candida)

You have high cholesterol

You have suffered from, or are at risk of, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease or stroke

Taurine is an effective agent for the treatment of heart failure without any adverse effects

Azuma J, Takihara K, Awata N, et al. Taurine and failing heart: experimental and clinical aspects. Prog Clin Biol Res. 1985;179:195-213.

You have diabetes or gestational diabetes

You have gallstones

  • Taurine is needed to make bile acids which keep stone-forming bile salts in check.

My favourite way to supplement is a 3g daily dose with magnesium and methylated B-vitamins in an all-in-one formula.

Our specific needs as women for taurine are far-reaching. Ensuring abundance of this masterful amino acid can help us stay calm, healthy and fully in our power, no LBD required.

4 thoughts on “Taurine – The “LBD” of Women’s Health”

  1. Rachel Heathcote

    Hi Kate,

    Im a herbalist from the uk and just wondered if what your favorite products are when recommending taurine and magnesium?

    Keep up the fab work…love you articles and intsagram posts 🙂

    Rachel H (UK)

    1. Hi Rachel, In Australia I love Orthoplex MagTaur Xcell (350mg magnesium bisglycinate/citrate and a whopping 3g of taurine). I’m not sure of any other combo products in the UK with those levels, but in general, bisglycinate or citrate are my fav forms of magnesium and they’re readily available in the UK (Seeking Health, Thorne, Pure Encapsulations, Researched Nutritionals etc) and you should be able to source taurine as a single amino acid separately. A number of magnesium/vit b formulas often contain some taurine but generally around the 500mg mark.

  2. Hi there .
    Thanks for the article .
    Is the orthoplex a powder? Or a capsule? Is it taken at night before bed? Or in the morning? Could you please list it’s ingredients? What b vitamins and at what strengths?
    For example in the morning I take iron and c then at night immediately after dinner I take zinc .

    1. Hi Emma, the product is a powder. It’s a practitioner only product so you would need your practitioner to prescribe it for you if they think appropriate. Glad you enjoyed.

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