Top 4 Party-Season Survival Tips

It’s that time of year and already my diary (I’m technically advanced until it comes to my old-school pocket diary) is filling up with a whooole lotta ink.

So if you need some help in managing all that is the catch-up season, here are my top 4 party season survival tips:

1. Check in with yourself (and learn how to say no)

It’s lovely to be invited to events and as someone who’s never been averse to a party, it’s easy to be seduced by the offer of a chance to frock-up and play after a long and busy year. But when the number of events on your calendar starts to cause anxiety and an underlying sense of overwhelm and exhaustion, it’s time to get off the yes-train. Check in with your body and listen to your gut reaction to that next “amazing” event or party invite. And if your first reaction doesn’t make you feel exhilarated and energised, give yourself permission to politely decline, take a night off and have an early night.

2. Be authentic with your language, your time and your intentions

Leading on from point 1, be aware of your language and become conscious of what it is you want. We all get sucked into the idea that the end of the year means we have to catch up with all those people we weren’t organized enough to catch up with throughout the year. That’s a lot of pressure right where you don’t need it. Instead of flippantly agreeing to catch-ups you have no intention of keeping or overbooking yourself with connections that don’t inspire or energise you, stop and think if you really want to keep this relationship in your life. If yes, beautiful. Consciously make that commitment and don’t feel pressured to squeeze it into a fully booked month. Set time in the new-year for a proper connection when you both have time and space. And if you’re saying the token “Yeah, we must catch up…” with no intention or desire, then just stop yourself. It’s a habit and one that keeps you tied to guilt and energy drain which doesn’t serve either party. You don’t have to dislike the person, you don’t have to cease all contact with them, but you also don’t have to keep promising to ‘catch up’ when you actually don’t want to because energetically, this is draining your energy. Be authentic. Say what you mean. Hold integrity around your friendships and connections.

3. Let’s talk alcohol

We all know too much is bad for us, and it’s amazing how many of us go into carelessness when it’s free flowing. So have your champagne, but mix it up. Have one champagne to two sparkling mineral waters. You’ll feel so much better because the bubbles in mineral water are a wonderfully hydrating and sparkling alternative to the sugar-laden and dehydrating effects of too many champagnes.

Secondly, consider switching your party drinks from cocktails and champagne (high sugar) or beer (bloating) to gin or vodka and soda water with a slice of lemon or lime. These cleaner spirits are easier for your liver to process and mixed with soda, it’s far lower in empty calories and sugars than mixing with tonic or soft drinks. Again, alternate with straight mineral water (no one will even know the difference) and you’ll be able to get to more of those end of year invites without feeling shabby and exhausted every time your alarm clock sounds.

4. Prioritise the protein

One of the best ways to stabilise your energy and mood through the busiest time of the year is to include protein at every meal. A night of carb-loaded alcohol, hors d’oeuvres and dinners and a subsequent morning of carby toast, muffins and coffee might feel like what your body needs, but what it’s craving is energy. A quick sugar fix may be instant, but one of the worst ways to manage your body’s energy levels. Poached eggs and spinach for breakfast, a hand full of nuts at mid-morning, a large mixed salad with chicken/fish/tempeh for lunch, sliced apple with nut butter or a natural yoghurt with some cacao nibs or cacao and cinnamon for afternoon tea and some grilled fish with Asian greens for dinner is a perfect way to keep your energy levels balanced not just during the party season, but throughout the rest of the year.

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Happy celebrating!

Kate is a qualified naturopath who is passionate about helping women heal from hormonal havoc and inspiring women to know their own power, worth and wisdom.

Kate offers one-on-one Skype consults for irregular cycles, PMS and period pain, endometriosis, PCOS, peri-menopause, mood swings, fatigue and mental and emotional stress.

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