What Does Love Have To Do With Your Health?

It is becoming more and more apparent to me just how much a life of satisfaction, joy, freedom, non-attachment, connection, friendship and love, both for self and other, is in the creation of a well mind, body and spirit.

I think we sometimes get a bit scared of the emotional aspects of ourselves. We tend to think it’s weak to admit to feeling depressed, or that we can’t cope with our job or relationship rut or financial situation. We feel like a failure, but to whom? Often we think we can’t let others see into our true selves for fear of judgement or not being good enough or not being the success we’re all primed to believe we must be to be accepted in the world. But I think the fear is in admitting to ourselves that we’re not Ms Peta (or Mr Peter) Perfect.

And why is that? Because the only true source of love and acceptance comes from within, and if we can’t truly love ourselves, then trying to make external situations manifest to create health and wellness and success and happiness and and and… is quite frankly futile. Because anyone can achieve the external signs of acceptance, but when it comes down to it, the only true peace and the only place from which we can truly heal, is when we are at peace with our internal self. This is the place where healing can truly begin.

It’s become very obvious to me in my work that treatment, while alleviating some symptoms, never takes hold quite as profoundly as when the person shifts their internal or emotional state or circumstance. And sometimes this isn’t possible or isn’t possible right now, and of course emotional, nutritional, herbal and supplemental support can help us get through this period.

But the shift that occurs in health when the individual truly changes their situation .. leaves the job, or the destructive relationship, or gives up that pattern or habit .. the healing that occurs almost spontaneously … that is where the magic of healing strikes me as awe-inspiring. And it has made me more and more aware of the power of our mind and emotional state combined in the success of healing of the physical. All levels must be attuned and aligned for true physical healing to occur.

There is never any blame in the physical creation of disease. And sometimes we simply don’t heal on the physical because it’s not the physical we need to fix. Sometimes the health crisis can be to awaken the heart and perform miracles of forgiveness or release of bitterness, anger and hatred. Sometimes just that release of emotional weight is the greatest healing of all.

So without getting too woo-woo, I think this is the most exciting aspect of healing to date.

The link between mind and body is real. So how do we dive into our intricacies and shadow aspects we’re so used to hiding?

  • By making the decision, once and for all, to uncover, dust off and compassionately hold and love those darker parts of ourselves that we’ve been so successful in keeping tucked away;
  • By taking the risk and jumping into a situation we didn’t believe we had the courage to take;
  • By stopping ourselves every time we hear our mental beat-up tape on high rotation (you know the one – you’re so: stupid, fat, ugly, pathetic, weak, unsexy, worthless blah blah blah), becoming aware of the subconscious talk, and choosing to replace it with a new set of instructions, i.e. You are funny, smart, gorgeous, unique, compassionate, loving, clever, wise, creative, worthy … much better huh?

When we take these steps, our physical/cellular biology will respond with a resounding YES and follow us on our journey to become the best version of ourselves (not someone’s else’s expectation) that we can be; that we were born to be.

So to kick this off, I’ve created a little interactive calendar/worksheet for you to prescribe your very own health script for your healthiest life. What is it that your heart longs for that you dismiss as unimportant or silly or what part of yourself have you never even explored and may have an incredible talent for?

Click on the image below to download your Interactive Prescription Planner and write your own script for a happy, healthy life.

Love Yourself To Health Planner

Kate is a qualified naturopath who is passionate about helping women heal from hormonal havoc and inspiring women to know their own power, worth and wisdom.

Kate offers one-on-one Skype consults for irregular cycles, PMS and period pain, endometriosis, PCOS, peri-menopause, mood swings, fatigue and mental and emotional stress.

Simply drop me an email to see how I can help you!




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